auction and liquidation

Auctions & Liquidations

We Welcome the Opportunity to Purchase Your Surplus Machinery. We Offer Several Methods For Our Customers to Sell Their Used Machinery. Whether You Have a Whole Plant or an Individual Machine, We Have Options For You.

auction and liquidation

Five Reasons to Use Great American Auction Services:


We know values because we buy surplus assets every day for the last 40 years.


We know that all success is the ability to manage details. The owner/founder of Great American Equipment Company is obsessive about detail management. That obsession slows us down but we make very few mistakes.

Auction Experience

We have been involved in many auctions around the world. From Malaysia to the UK to Canada and Mexico and, of course, the US. We have conducted auctions for small companies and big ones like General Electric and Cincinnati Milacron. We were the exclusive liquidator of assets for Cincinnati Milacron for 35 years, successfully closing 11 of their facilities. No relationships last this long unless you do things right.

The Auction

We work with all the auctioneers. We know their varied niches and strengths. We will team up with the one that best fits your special needs at no additional charge. We work on a split fee arrangement which means you get two companies instead of one at no additional charge to you.

Auction & Liquidation Format

Auctions and Liquidations are oftentimes major financial events for an owner or corporation closing down or downsizing. Understanding that it’s a one-shot major event that must be executed perfectly, is why we put in maximum effort.

There are many ways to structure an auction or liquidation. We will need to know your exact situation to structure a format best suited to meet your goals.

Many people think auctions entail the risk of uncertain results. We can alleviate that fear by paying you 100% of the auction return estimate PRIOR to the auction.

Contact Us

Call 513-771-2111 or send a message to Dave Quint, owner/ President of GAEC.