Used Machine Tool Sales Auctions & Liquidations

Why Buy from Great American Equipment Company ?

Simply put, we will save you TIME, MONEY and AGGRAVATION with our 40 years in the business.

Only about 20% of the machines presented to us pass our high standards for inventory purchase. Then we bring them to our warehouse and clean them, paint detail, debug them, and search for problems to fix. Because you can send a machine back if you don’t like it, we try to make sure that doesn’t happen by making it right before it leaves our shop for yours. We are not saying there absolutely won’t be any start up bugs, but we are saying there weren’t any known to us when it left our facility. And certainly, there will be way less problems than if you bought blind from an auction or from eBay. We can even arrange for an independent expert to inspect the machine for you. Then the machine will be properly prepped for shipment . All loading from our warehouse is free and the associate doing the loading has 25 years of experience loading and working on machine tools.