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Dadson Deep Hole Drill Gun Drill 72" Stroke Drill for sale

1-1/4" x 72" DADSON Deep Hole Drill / Gun Drill

Stock Number K13865



Dadson Model DS-1066-CM 1-1/4" X 72" Gun Drill

      New 1995,  Stock# K13865
  Equipped with:
  Indramat Servo Infeed, High Pressure Coolant with Flow Monitor
  Hienrich Self Centering Vise,  Approximately 85 Gun Drilling Tools 3/16 - 7/8
  Livonia Magnetics Model B-14 Chip Conveyor

  Catalogue Specifications
  Drilling Capacity:                         1-1/4"
  Maximum Drill Stroke:                   72"
  Spindle Speeds:                         3000 RPM
  Main Motor:                                    7.5 HP
  Reservoir Capacity:                     200 Ga
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