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CNC Machining Centers Horizontal Stock Number Click for photo and specs
AUERBACH FBE 1500 CNC PRODUCTION MILL  Heidenhain TNC-426 CNC, 16" CNC Rotary Table, 64" x 32" Table, X=60", Y=40", Z=24", 50 Taper, 40 HP, 2001. STK #


CINCINNATI H5-800 MT 5-Axis Mill Turn, Siemens Acramatic 2100 CNC Control,  X=61", Y=47.8", Z=47.2", 180 Degree Tilt Spindle, (2) 39" Round Pallets, Pallet Rotates for Turning, 51.2" Turning Diameter, New 2003 STK #


Cincinnati H5 cnc  Horizontal Machining Center

CINCINNATI MAGNUM H5-800AP 5-AXIS, Siemens Acramatic 2100 CNC Control,  X=61", Y=47.8", Z=47.2", 180 Degree Tilt Spindle, (2) 31.5" x 31.5" Fully Contouring Pallets, 24,000 RPM Spindle,  2006. STK #


Cincinnati Magnum H5-800 AP 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center FOR SALE

GIDDINGS & LEWIS HMC-410 4-Axis, Fanuc 160iM CNC Control,  X=129", Y=82.6", Z=78.7",  (2) 63" x 49" Pallets,  Full 4th Axis Pallet Rotation, 6000 RPM, 150 Station Tool Changer,  Extra Pallets, New 2005 STK #


Giddings & Lewis  Horizontal Machining Center

MAKINO A-55E,  Pro 3 CNC Control,  X=22", Y=22", Z=23",  (2) 15.7" Fully Contouring Square Pallets,  60 ATC,  14,000 RPM, Cut Plastic,  2001. STK #


Makino A-55E Horizontal Machining Center For Sale CNC Horizontal Mill

MAZAK H-400N,  Mazatrol M-32 CNC,  X=22", Y=20", Z=22",  (2) 15.7"  Square Pallets,  30 ATC,  10,000 RPM,  1991. STK #


Mazak H-400N Horizontal Machining Center For Sale CNC Horizontal Mill

MAZAK INTEGREX e-1060/V8ii  Mazatrol Matrix CNC, (2) 39" Pallets, 49.2" Swing,  Multi Function 5-Axis Milling and Turning Capacity, X=73",Y=42",Z=53", A=150 Degree, B=360 Degrees, 80 Station Tool Changer, 50 HP Milling Spindle, 50 HP Turning Spindle,  New 2009 STK #


Mazzak e-1060 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center

OKUMA MA400HA  OSP P200 CNC, (2) 15.75" x 15.7" Pallets, X=22" Y=24", Z=24", 1 Degree Axis Pallet Rotation,  60 Position Tool Changer,  Cat-40, 15000RPM, New 2007 STK #


Okuma 630 600H 4-axis Horizontal Machining Center

OKUMA MB-4000H, OSP P300M CNC, (2) 15.75" x 15.75" Fully Contouring Pallets, X=22" Y=22", Z=24", Thru Spindle Coolant, 64 ATC, Cat-40, 15000RPM,  Only 27 Cutting Hours,  2013. STK #


Okuma MB-4000H Horizontal Machining Center For Sale CNC Horizontal Mill

OKUMA HOWA Millac 630H  Fanuc 16iM CNC, (2) 24.8" Pallets, X=40" Y=32", Z=32", Full Contouring 4th Axis Pallet Rotation, Thru Spindle Coolant, Probes, Cat-50, 8000RPM, New 2005 STK #


Okuma 630 600H 4-axis Horizontal Machining Center

TOSHIBA BTU-14 5-Axis  Tosnuc 888 CNC, 55" x 63" Table, Universal 5-Axis, X=78",Y=57",Z=59", A=150 Degree, B=360 Degrees, 60 Station Tool Changer,  New 2003 STK #


Toshiba 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center

UNION KCX-130, Heidenhain TNC426 CNC Control, X=157", Y=118", Z= 60", 100" x 80" Full Contouring Rotary Table,80,000 lb Table Load Capacity, 6000 RPM, New 2002 STK #


Unioni Boring Mill

(2) Ball Lock Column Fixtures with a Horizontal Machining Center,  14" x 18" x 43" Column, (2) 18" x 43" Mounted Surfaces with 25 Ball Lock Receivers and (2) 14" x 43" Mounting Surfaces with 14 Ball Lock Receivers. STK #


Ball Lock Columns

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